September 27, 2022


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Sharing Shade with a Rattlesnake

Gai Lawson, British Columbia, Canada

As a pupil of Eckankar, I have an knowledge of how the Mahanta, my non secular manual, usually shelters me less than his umbrella of divine adore and gives me respite from the at times frantic planet all around me. This divine like supported me when we relocated previous calendar year.

We moved throughout the nation to a semiarid area. Our community is in a grasslands place with sagebrush and other compact shrubs but no large trees. We can see the forest considerably off in the distance, bigger up on the mountains across the huge river valley. The solar seriously heats up the hillsides where by we live, as there is no natural shade.

That summer time we experienced serious heat, which was quite unconventional, and I wondered what outcome this would have on the animals in our space. We are lucky to live by a gully with plenty of wildlife—deer, coyotes, marmots, numerous birds (like chukars, bald eagles, crows, ravens, and a wide variety of tiny songbirds), mice, rattlesnakes, and so on. I understood that the birds could fly to drinking water or shade, and the even larger animals could find water, but I puzzled about the mice and other small creatures.

We experienced found an official govt indication at a nearby mountaineering path, warning folks not to disturb or harass rattlesnakes. Our neighbors also told us to be very careful of rattlesnakes in the area. Often, a neighborhood social-media site would put up notices of in which rattlesnakes had been sighted. If the snake stayed, a local snake qualified would eliminate the creature and transport it up into its natural territory in the hills, in which it could be secure from people today, and vice versa. Individuals are inclined to react sharply with concern when it will come to these Souls in snake bodies.

1 very sizzling afternoon, I determined to choose some weeds out of a potted tomato. I thoroughly stepped throughout a raised backyard garden mattress into a shady space, achieved for the smaller weeds—and froze. I was virtually encounter-to-experience with a rattlesnake! Then I comfortable, grew to become quite continue to inside myself, and simply noticed this lovely creature as it rested in the garden border, in the shade of the yard drop. I diligently moved absent, when keeping in the shade. I ongoing to watch the snake, just as it viewed me. The delicate coloring, its pores and skin patterns, the condition of its head and sinuous body—it fascinated me.

I did not experience alarmed at that point. As an alternative, I felt curiosity, as I experienced under no circumstances noticed a rattlesnake. Possibly the snake had under no circumstances viewed a human. As we continued to enjoy each other, I felt a feeling of trust and camaraderie inside of the stillness of the shade. I experienced a sense that the snake was just resting in this sheltered space for a when to amazing down and prevent the heat of the immediate sunlight.

I felt question at the snake’s go to, observing its natural beauty and noting how it was so even now and tranquil around me. I felt a surge of appreciate and gratitude for its stop by. The ECK, Divine Spirit, was displaying me how the snake, a person of God’s modest creatures, could find shelter in the shade, a lot as I obtain shelter within the umbrella of the Mahanta’s appreciate.


—Photos by Gai Lawson