September 27, 2022


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Using a Lint Roller To Check For Ticks On Your Dog

A lint roller is a wonderful way to verify for ticks on your puppy that they just picked up but it will not clear away a tick that has previously embedded into the skin. 

In excess of the weekend I took Odin for a pleasant walk in the park. 

It is not extremely typically that we’re ready to stroll in the park at the conclude of July but Saturday morning the weather conditions was just correct for a speedy stroll. 

I was a little hesitant mainly because we’re deep into prime tick period listed here in Ohio but the path seemed extremely properly maintained so off we went!

Odin loved just about every second of it and I cherished expending some one particular-on-one particular time with him!

dog going for a walk in the park

When we received back to the Jeep I gave Odin some clean, chilly h2o and then I went more than him with the lint roller. 

If you are thinking why a lint roller, I’ll notify ‘ya!

Initially, I despise ticks and it is not exciting when you obtain a person on your doggy!

A lint roller is a excellent way to verify for ticks that could possibly hitch a ride on you or your doggy!

Basically roll the lint roller gently about your pet and any ticks that are on the surface area making an attempt to discover a area a very good position to chunk will as a substitute get picked up by the sticky roller. 

I have been accomplishing this for several years and I don’t know know why I’ve hardly ever shared it with you men ahead of!

It’s just one thing I do that will come second mother nature to me!

To respond to some concerns about the lint roller method below you go!

dog owner using a lint on dog's leg to check for ticks

Have I At any time Seen a Tick On The Lint Roller Right after I Made use of It?


When I would do this with Leroy, I would decide up ticks on the lint roller all the time.

I really don’t know what it was about him, but ticks cherished him.

I have not seen a single on any of my present puppies and I’m happy to hold it that way!

Is This The Only Tick Prevention I Use?

Heck no!

The lint roller is just another phase I use to attempt and avoid ticks. 

We use Wondercide or Kin + Type tick spray plus Seresto.  (I normally spray their walking harnesses far too!)

Using a Lint Roller To Check For Ticks On Your Dog

Is a Lint Roller 100% Productive At Getting rid of Ticks From a Doggy?

Again, certainly not!

A lint roller is not going to eliminate a tick that has already embedded into a dog’s pores and skin. 

For that, you unquestionably have to have a pair of tweezers or some form of tick remover. 

The objective of the lint roller is hoping to catch the tick ahead of they bite. 

Ticks normally just do not hop on and chunk. 

They commonly crawl about for a couple hrs striving to find a darkish place to feed.

This is why I keep a lint roller in my automobile so I can go around the puppies correct absent. 

A lint roller is not idiot-evidence, it is just yet another precaution. 

Using a Lint Roller To Check For Ticks On Your Dog

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Does a Lint Roller Do the job on Fleas? 

Fortunately, I’ve never ever had to use a lint roller for fleas ahead of but I picture it would choose up some. 

Fleas tend to get actually shut to the pores and skin so I really don’t know that it would be efficient at having them all but it would probably get the ones that are noticeable.

What Style of Lint Roller To Use?

I believe most lint rollers will perform, but of course, I use a significant just one!

I’m currently making use of Evercare Lint Rollers that I bought at Goal. 

I never think the cheap kinds would operate properly on the Newfies due to the fact they don’t come to feel as sticky.

Wherever Did I Understand About This From?

It is been a extensive time but if I bear in mind effectively, I examine it on a hiking or searching web site a lot of yrs in the past!

Is Lint Roller Adhesive Poisonous To Animals?

Not to my know-how but you should really generally examine with your veterinarian if you have any inquiries.

Definitely, it is not harmless for your doggy to ingest a lint roller!

I have hardly ever found a residue on the coat just after working with it.

Using a Lint Roller To Check For Ticks On Your Dog

How I Use A Lint Roller To Check out For Ticks

When I use a lint roller to check for ticks on my pet dogs and myself I just carefully roll the lint brush around their fur. 

I’m not urgent really hard and I’m not touching the pores and skin.

I just roll in excess of the best coat. 

I make absolutely sure to pay added interest to locations in which ticks like to go like the legs, undercarriage, tail and tops of the paws. 

I do not roll the underneath of their paws, their genitals or their facial area and again, I do not set the adhesive on their skin. 

The total course of action can take a lot less than a moment!

Right after I’m accomplished performing the puppies, I do myself also! 

Specifically my socks!

Delighted tick rolling!

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